Golden som jakthund

Chris enjoyed competing in field trials and was a strong supporter of using the dogs for what they were bred to do. He believed Goldens to be fine retrievers and actively promoted their use as a hunting companion. He also very strongly advocated compulsory use of a trained retriever by all hunters, having seen many birds wounded and left to die because they were not accessible to the hunter alone.

His philosophy was summed up very well in the following statement; “I think a retriever and hunting dog should do what he was born to do, that is, retrieve. And that is the thing that this breed does very well. They are beautiful in the ring and everyone admires them, but they must be sort of aching inside to do something else, for they’re bred to retrieve and they never get a chance.”

May we all take to heart this important legacy of a fine man and continue to preserve our breed as a retriever for generations to come.

Christopher Burton
(1898 – 1983)

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21.02 | 13:59

Golden retriever er en fantastisk hund og jeg er så glad for at mine er friske og fine.

20.02 | 20:43

Kjempe-fin hjemmeside du har laget! 😄 Har kost meg med alle de flotte bildene av gutta! 😄🐶🐶❤️ Ellers er det mye nyttig å lese om!

Del denne siden